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We are looking for qualified and reliable suppliers who offer high quality products and/or services to expand our commercial partnership network

What we offer

We are committed toachieving
goals and pursuing excellence
, overcoming challenges and achieving the desired results.

We promote a collaborative and cohesive work environment, where  every team member is valued and the individual skills  are pooled to achieve superior results. Teamwork is  encouraged and supported at all levels of the organization.

What are we looking for

Our partners must join the principles of our company: integrity, fairness, honesty, social responsibility and respect for human rights.

Clear and open communication regarding own practices, policies and operations, complete and accurate information on the products or services offered, on the production processes, on the environmental and social policies adopted.

Collaborative approach towards its customers, being opened on a two-way communication, listen customer needs and seek to provide customized solutions to meet those needs.

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