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The maximum valve diameter that can be tested with our test benches is 120”

With our valve test benches you can test all types of on-off valves, safety valves, angle valves and 3-way valves.

Our equipped containers have a modular design, 20 or 40 ft size and can contain high pressure testing systems suitable for on-site equipment testing, calibration and maintenance, re-testing, valve calibration and maintenance.
They can be equipped with an integrated control room with operating console and accessories.
They are available in ATEX execution and suitable for extreme conditions.

Our actuator test benches detect up to 1.000,000 Nm with static and dynamic tests, for ¼ turn actuators or multi-turn actuators.

The 80% of our test benches are custom made, made on specific customer request and non-standard.

Maximum pressure is 8,000 BAR for special applications

In our test benches it is possible to use the HYDRAZOTO H5 molecule, following small constructive measures.

In addition to interfacing with the MES systems and complying with the 4.0 directives, through remote connections it is possible to carry out software upgrades and guarantee support to the operator during testing. All software are also equipped with self-diagnosis.

Our pipe test benches can test pipes up to 12 m long and 60″ in diameter.

Our Service Team reacts within 48 hours, contacting the customer to identify the problem. Subsequently, they verify the possibility of remote resolution via telephone support or remote connection.
If this is not possible, on-site intervention is organized in the shortest possible time, compatibly with the supply of any previously identified necessary spare parts.

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